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Don’t leave it up to potential buyers to question what are the key selling points of a property, we showcase them through time-segmented digital advertising journeys.


Unable to start the sales process with prospects that haven’t reached out? We showcase your properties to people that you never thought was possible with traditional media.


Every property is unique, that’s why an automated one-size fits all social media strategy won’t work. We first determine key buyer personas (demographics & psychographics), then leverage Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence systems to ensure your ads are shown to the correct buyers.


Social Media Advertising allows us to track all interactions with a user. We can tell you how many people interacted with an ad, submitted their information, or even called the agent directly. We can even breakdown the results by gender, age, ad format, devices.


Constantly reminding people about the property listing paired with increased exposure increases the competitiveness in regards to the property, which often can result in an increased final sale price.

Google Ads

We are not satisfied with getting cheap clicks and traffic to your website, we care about what you can take to the bank. Pay-Per-Click Google ads is the most efficient way of targeting customers who are in buy mode.

Linkedin Ads

LinkedIn is used by over 560 million individuals, most being business professionals. Combining the
platform with some advanced advertising techniques, gives us an enormous opportunity to advertise B2B if
applicable for your business.

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest Ads get you in front of new customers and grow your business. People are on Pinterest are making decisions about what to try and buy next. Increase traffic. Boost sales. Promote your Pins. Get discovered. Drive results. Engage your audience. Drive awareness.


Instagram Ads

Instagram isn’t just for posting photos of your favourite meals, we use it to drive hungry, ready-to-buy leads to your doorstep.




Facebook Ads

We design powerful marketing funnels utilising Facebook, if you’re not using it to grow your business you are losing customers to your competition and leaving money on the table.

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Amplify traditional media with digital media

We recently had a high-end real estate agent approach us wanting to engage more effectively with her audience. We did not hesitate to propose and design a messenger bot connected with her Facebook Page that would be linked with her Paid Facebook Advertising Campaigns.

We amplify the effects of your traditional media channels by giving them a digital spin, making them more powerful and measurable than you’ve ever normally experienced. We do this through our interactive digital remarketing journeys that take these users through the key selling points of the property even if they haven’t reached out.  

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Augment traditional media with digital media

We recently had a high-end real estate agent approach us wanting to engage more effectively with her audience. We did not hesitate to propose and design a messenger bot connected with her Facebook Page that would be linked with her Paid Facebook Advertising Campaigns.

Digital advertising is currently under-priced, meaning you get far more for what you pay for when compared to television, radio and print media. Here at Digital Wizards, we take the advertisements you run on traditional media channels and give them a digital spin, making them more powerful and measurable than you’ve ever experienced with traditional media.







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Digital Wizards consist of a team of marketing and digital experts. A team designed to produce outstanding results. Each member of our team specializes in different advertising channels meaning you’ll be working with one of the very best on a ‘1 on 1’ basis, ensuring that you get the most out of our services. We utilise the power of online marketing to drive hungry, ready-to-pay leads to your doorstep. We aim to be the biggest agency across New Zealand and Australia, powering our growth through helping our clients achieve wizardry-like results.


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Imagine being able to not worry about wasting your money on advertising, burning your hard-earned cash on campaigns that don’t work.

Book in a comprehensive digital marketing audit with a Digital Wizard and let’s review your business and analyse your digital marketing strategies.

We’re experts in Facebook Advertising and Google Adwords which can produce magical results when used to its full potential.

There are always ways to improve and let us help you identify your main weaknesses in the complex digital marketing space.

No catch, no obligation to work with us, just pure money-making value.

Book your call now as there are limited time slots available for this offer.

Please do not sign up for an audit if you are looking for short term success and quick cash, if you are ready to kick your business into overdrive and are serious about growing your business, book your call now as there are limited time slots available for this offer.

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Here at Digital Wizards, we do one thing and we do it well, we make your business money. We dedicate the time to analyse your business from all possible angles and develop a powerful marketing strategy tailored to what your bank account and your customers want best. We make sure our system is crafted with sustainability as a priority, not some short term quick cash strategy. We spend our energy on creating a consistent month to month flow of leads and sales, so you can spend less time worrying about your business. Stop worrying about your marketing when you are with your family and doing the things you enjoy in life, stop the guess work and let the team at Digital Wizards do what we do best.




Listing Awareness

Digitally showcasing your property is an extremely effective way to gain exposure and highlight key features of your property to thousands of interested buyers. 

Lead Generation

Traditional advertising struggles to support lead generation with a heavy reliance on leads coming in organically as a result of the traditional advertising efforts. Utilising digital platforms, we deliver high quality, pre-qualified, leads straight to your inbox.

Hyper Location Targeting

We have the ability to show ads to people that haven’t reached out to the agent, who are walking/driving past the property, anyone attending the property’s open home, anyone attending another property’s open home, and even people visiting your competitors offices.

Virtual Time Segmented Property Tours

We take people that have engaged with our content through a virtual property tour explaining the key selling points of the property through a time segmented journey. We work with the agent to determine what is the story they want to tell, and deliver that story through our virtual property tours.

Ad Variation Testing

We are constantly testing the ad that we have out in the digital space to ensure the most effective ad is out there at all times. We test variables such as creative, ad copy, ad placement, devices, time/day of week.

Listing Awareness

Social Media Lead Generation

Hyper Location Targeting

Virtual Time Segmented Property Tours

Ad Variation Testing

Brand Marketing

We conduct intense market research aiming to develop comprehensive customer psychographics, allowing us to efficiently and accurately implement highly targeted advertising campaigns.

Lead Generation

After an in-depth discussion with our clients we generate a series of strategies tailored to your individual and business needs. Each strategy in uniquely crafted to generate the results you need.

Improving the campaign using historical data

When we run a campaign, we don’t just click start and let it run. We analyse its performance daily and tweak it when necessary in order to optimise results. We use your media budget only on the best performing campaigns, meaning you pay less for more.

What Advertising Platform/s will be the best?

Nowadays there are so many advertising platforms it can be confusing to decide which to use, unless you’re us. We understand these complicated platforms inside and out and know which will suit your business best.

End of campaign reporting

We deliver a comprehensive report covering all detail within the campaigns running for your business. We keep our clients completely up to date, compiling a report every 4 weeks and also in the conclusion of the campaign.

Brand Marketing

Lead Generation


Multi-Platform Marketing

Cross Industry



"Digital Wizards are the best solution when it comes to selling a unique property with social media advertising."

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